BIKE Community Access

Shared navigation solutions, affordable and accessible

At BIKE, we believe in providing mobility for all. That's why we created BIKE Access - a reasonable way to use BIKE in Saudi Arabia and support the navigation feature of other smart cities as we

We strive to be a leader in individual transport services and our mission in this area is "to provide individual transport services short and easy to use and environmentally friendly and easy to use and available everywhere and at a price in the

To qualify for BIKE Access, an individual simply needs to prove his / her eligibility or participate in any local or government assistance program.

BIKE Access members get the following prices:

  • Cycling pedal bicycles:
    SR 1.99 per 30 minutes (over 95% discount)
    Once you join BIKE Access, you can also pay in cash at an online store

Qualification is simple. Simply click the button below quickly and securley submit your information. A BIKE representative will contact you within two business days with any next steps and additional information.

All we need is:

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone number (this should be the phone number you plan to use on BIKE)
  3. Valid ID card
  4. Or proof of income status to offer a discount card to those who do not have the opportunity to use the bike.
  5. They must make an invoice
  6. Electricity, water, etc ...


Any questions? Email us at

Please note: BIKE Access is currently only available for US customers. We hope to expand the program soon!

Once qualified for BIKE Access, you will receive a PayNearMe payment code. To complete payment:

  1. Take your PayNearMe payment code to a participating payment location.
  2. Show the payment code to the clerk and pay with cash.
  3. Keep your receipt as proof of payment.

**For our BIKE Riders in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, qualification and support is also available through our partners.